The Way I Go in Life

Winning is my carreer, playing on the highest level is my goal. Being the best in what I do is standard. Living the life of an atlethe is the best there is.

Starting playing when I was 5 years old and I will make a full 30 years of volleyball! Still going strong, still spiking every day harder, still improving and never stop learning.

Greatest respect for my passed away mom, she could move mountains with fighting her disease, Im just hitting a volleyball as hard as I can. No point in comparing that with eachother doesnt even come close.

Mom I miss you, but I know you will always be there on every matchpoint!

Sincerly yours,

Kay van Dijk


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Paykan VC

First League Iran

Overall the best proffessional team in Iran. The Club is located in Tehran Iran. http://ikcosport.com/

Ziraat Bankasi

First League Turkey

The best Organized club here in Turkey. The Club is located in Ankara. http://www.ziraatbankasisporkulubu.com/

Al Ain Club SG

UAE Premier League

Won 3 title with this team from the United Emirates located in Al Ain. https://twitter.com/alainclubsg


Plusliga Poland

Polish team located in Kedzierzyn Kozle. http://zaksa.pl/

Trentino Volley

A1 League Italy

One of the Best Teams in the famous Italian A1. http://www.trentinovolley.it/

VC Yaroslavl

Superlega Russia

Russian Team Located in Yaroslavl. http://www.yarvolley.ru/

Pallavolo Molfetta

A2 League Italy

Great Italian team located in Molfetta near Bari. http://www.pallavolomolfetta.it/

Argos Volley Sora

A2 League Italy

This team is famous for its fruits and vegetable sponsor Globo. http://www.argosvolley.it/

ACH Volley

First League Slovenia

The only Top Team in Slovenia won the championship and Mevza. http://www.ach-volley.si/

Pallavolo Loreto

A1 League Italy

Small town Great Club , Great People located in Loreto near Ancona. http://www.pallavololoreto.it/

LIG Greaters

Kovo League Korea

This team is in Korea, located in the city Suwon half an hour from Seoul. http://www.kbstarsvc.co.kr/

Noliko Maaseik

First League Belgium

The best team in Belgium won Championship , the Cup and 2nd place in the CEV CUP. http://www.noliko-maaseik.be/


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  • Birthday: 25-6-1984
  • Height: 214 cm
  • Position: Right Side/Position 2
  • Block jump: 355 cm
  • Attack jump: 361 cm
  • Weight: 102 kg


  • 2005 Topteams Cup 4th Athens
  • 2005 Best Scorer + Best Attacker Topteams Cup
  • 2007 Champion Belgium CUP
  • 2008 Champion Belgium League
  • 2008 Champion Belgium CUP
  • 2008 Silver CEV CUP Rome Italy
  • 2010 Champion Slovenian Cup
  • 2010 Champion Slovenian League
  • 2010 Champion MEVZA
  • 2013 Champion A2 Italy Molfetta
  • 2016 Champion UAE Al Ain Club SG


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Skype: langegek1984